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Swallow on a Clothesline

2016-03-08 10:31:59 talitha

Here is the latest piece of art I have completed.Swallow and clothesline

I love welcome swallows, I think they are one of God’s most graceful birds.

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'A Fresh Start and a Teacup' Completed

2015-07-29 11:00:17 talitha
A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 9

Painting is a bit of an adventure, I never quite know what a piece will look like until it is finished.

Well, here is the one I have been working on for the past many month now finally completed.

Painting of Tui bird and windowsill with china

The bird outside the window is the well loved New Zealand Tui on one of his favourite nectar plants, New Zealand flax.

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Apple Trug

2014-11-17 10:08:27 talitha
A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 8

apples-talitha-brauchliHere are the latest additions to the painting that I am working on at present; this quaint English trug with apples and a little aqua coloured teacup.

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Sweeties Anyone?

2014-10-11 01:05:38 talitha
A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 7


This beautiful antique sugar shaker is an original piece of ‘Cornish Kitchen Ware’ made by T.G.Green in Church Gresley, Derbyshire. They used a clever lathe-turning technique that scraped blue slip away from the ceramic to reveal the white bands of clay beneath. Apparently, it reminded an employee of the blue skies and white-crested waves of Cornwall and this is how it got the name ‘Cornishware’.
This piece has one of the very early backstamps dating it to about the 1930’s.

Well, it has been my privilege to add this to the painting I am working on for my friend, the shaker having special significance to her since it belonged to her grandmother. And that is not the only sweet thing I have added to my painting lately, I have also been working on a lolly jar filled with bullseyes to bring in plenty of red as an accent to the overall blue of the painting.


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Glass Bottles

2014-08-21 02:33:59 talitha
       A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 6


Lately I have been painting… well, more bottles. From left to right the bottles are;
Mellor & Co. Worcester,
Paterson’s Ess “Camp” Coffee and Chicory, Glasgow,
Tonking’s Linseed Emulsion W. T. & Co. USA,
British Independent Dairies (milk bottle),
A. J. White Ltd,
The little tiny one with the broken top is unmarked.

The picture below shows the current amount painted so far and is about a quarter of the total size that this painting will be when completed.





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