Cinderella’s Coach House

Several years ago our friends grew such a splendid pumpkin that I asked if I could put it in a painting. It was a beautiful heirloom Marina di Chioggia slowly changing colour from blue grey to golden orange as I worked replicating it over the next month or so.Artist at work

Painting for me is always a very slow process so I’m afraid our friends didn’t get their pumpkin back, since by the time I had finished, it had begun to rot from the underneath but it lasted long enough to be immortalised in watercolour.

I was just beginning to grow vegetables and added a few of smaller pumpkins from my garden to the painting; Jack be Little, Baby Bear  and an unripe Austrian Oil Seed. Terracotta pots, silvereye birds and red onions followed but the painting was put aside for several years while I had more pressing jobs to complete. Then someone came along who wanted it, so it has finally been finished.

Here is a detail of one of the seed packets part way through.

 seed packet in process

And a bit further along..

pumpkin painting incomplete

I had to set up some substitute pumpkins to help get my shadows right since the original pumpkins were long gone. This is a photo of the shadow setup.

working out shadows

And now, the completed painting.




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