‘A Fresh Start and a Teacup’ Completed

A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 9

Painting is a bit of an adventure, I never quite know what a piece will look like until it is finished.

Well, here is the one I have been working on for the past many month now finally completed.

Painting of Tui bird and windowsill with china

The bird outside the window is the well loved New Zealand Tui on one of his favourite nectar plants, New Zealand flax.

Glass Bottles

       A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 6


Lately I have been painting… well, more bottles. From left to right the bottles are;
Mellor & Co. Worcester,
Paterson’s Ess “Camp” Coffee and Chicory, Glasgow,
Tonking’s Linseed Emulsion W. T. & Co. USA,
British Independent Dairies (milk bottle),
A. J. White Ltd,
The little tiny one with the broken top is unmarked.

The picture below shows the current amount painted so far and is about a quarter of the total size that this painting will be when completed.





Cupcake Papers

A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 4


So it’s time to paint some spoons and things in the milk jug that I painted before. The slideshow below shows some of the in between stages. I changed one of the wooden handles from my original layout to a silver handle instead since I am going to try to bring more silver items into the painting.

I have also added these little cupcake papers which go with the blue theme of the painting.
And here is how the painting looks at this stage.
painting-in progress-talitha-brauchli-01

A Fresh Start and a Teacup

I have recently started a new painting for a special friend and will be posting photos throughout the project. It has kitchen window theme since we wanted to feature some of her beautiful Cornishware the oldest piece being her grandmothers sugar shaker, which I can’t wait to paint. This is the general layout for the foreground.

Props for Watercolour Painting by Talitha Brauchli

But, first things first, which in this case means the objects at the front of the painting must be painted first. So the painting begins with the little floral teacup. Here are some photos of it in progress.

Painting of a Teacup by Talitha Brauchli 1

The pencil outline and first wash.

Painting of a Teacup by Talitha Brauchli 2

Now after about 15 or so washes of blues the flowers can be painted.

Painting of a Teacup by Talitha Brauchli 3


Painting of a Teacup by Talitha Brauchli 4


Painting of a Teacup by Talitha Brauchli 5

This little stack of china is not quite finished, but definitely on the way. I’ll keep posting as the painting continues.