‘A Fresh Start and a Teacup’ Completed

A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 9

Painting is a bit of an adventure, I never quite know what a piece will look like until it is finished.

Well, here is the one I have been working on for the past many month now finally completed.

Painting of Tui bird and windowsill with china

The bird outside the window is the well loved New Zealand Tui on one of his favourite nectar plants, New Zealand flax.

Quarter Pint & Paper Straws

A Fresh Start and a Teacup part 3

My mother remembers drinking free school milk with waxed paper straws.


These straws are modern replicas but the little glass bottle I am going to paint is a real antique one with the words ‘milk treatment station’ on one side and ‘quarter pint’ on the other. From what I gather it was probably used for cream.

And here goes with the painting.Milk Bottle by Talitha Brauchlimilk-bottle-talitha-brauchli-2milk-bottle-talitha-brauchli-3milk-bottle-talitha-brauchli-4